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Adam Christopher Rutledge
Codename: Morpheus
Joined September 11, 2010
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth September 1, 1975
Mutation Dreamweaving
Height 6'0"
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Skin Caucasian
Markings GSW scar on left shoulder
Communication To/From Regarding

Adam is a former businessman from an old money family from Charleston, South Carolina. He joined X-Factor in September of 2010.


  • BA: Economics and Political Science (Duke University, 1998)
  • MBA (Duke University, 2001)


  • VP for International Operations at Rutledge & Baldwin, Inc. (2001-2010)


  • David Rutledge: Father; co-founder of Rutledge & Baldwin, Inc.
  • Esther Rutledge: Mother.
  • David Rutledge, Jr.: Older brother; Major in the United States Marine Corps. Three years older than Adam.
    • Sarah Rutledge: Sister-in-law, married to David; a schoolteacher.
    • David Rutledge, III: Nephew, born to David, Jr. and Sarah in 1997.
    • Lydia Rutledge: Neice, born to David, Jr. and Sarah in 1999.
    • Abigail Rutledge: Neice, born to David, Jr. and Sarah in 2002.
    • Matthew Rutledge: Nephew, born to David, Jr. and Sarah in 2006.
  • John Rutledge: Younger brother; priest in the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. Two years younger than Adam.
    • Michelle Rutledge: Sister-in-law, married to John; a clinical psychiatrist.
    • Tabitha Rutledge: Neice, born to John and Michelle in 2007.

Plus plenty of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Notable Public Information[]

  • A few mentions in business publications over the years in reference to his work at Rutledge & Baldwin, Inc.


Dreamweaving. That is, the ability to view, create, and influence the dreams of others. He has a range of three hundred yards and can influence up to thirty minds at once with very basic dream direction. He can perform detailed manipulations of up to five minds at once.


A variety of business expertise, mostly focused in international dealings. Experienced in working with a wide variety of people and managing a large number as well. Fluent in Italian, with some business/tourist knowledge of French, Spanish, and German.

Personality Profile[]

Polite and with a certain Southern charm. Capable of handling people well if he wishes to, and noted for particular professionalism in his work and fairly strict about keeping his personal and professional lives separate. Still, he can be exceedingly friendly and chatty, and enjoys good conversation that keeps him intellectually stimulated.




Near-sighted. Usually wears glasses or occasionally contact lenses.

Mission History[]