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Hugh Ponting
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth August 24, 1970
Height 5'11"
Hair Brown buzz cut
Eyes Blue
Skin Tanned Caucasian
Markings Solid build, military bearing
Affiliation Remaal al-Sahra


Current Status[]

Locked up.


VERY dry humor when it actually shows up, which is rarely. Very good at his job. very disciplined. He's very controlled. Any desire to kick them back in the pants in retaliation is going to be controlled by his sense of duty

Attitudes & Opinions[]

Would prefer to co-opt XF. Hugh thinks XF is poorly-organized, poorly-trained, and poorly-managed. It's very much a militaristic criticism. He thinks they're generally working in the right direction, but they work way too small and are too unwilling to do what is necessary.


  • Can handle guns, heavy weaponry, knives, and fight unarmed.
  • Great with tactics and strategy.


  • Son of a career military father in a long line of career military. Both parents are still living, though divorced, and he has one younger sister.
  • Bounced around a lot in the way of military brats, but spent most of his childhood in Sydney.
  • Enlisted in the Australian Army in 1988 and was accepted into the elite Australian Special Air Service Regiment a year later with an exceptional record. Places he served include: Kuwait, East Timor, the Sydney Olympics, and Afghanistan.
  • Despite his record and the fact that he seemed poised for a long and fruitful career, he was honorably discharged from the army in 2002.
  • At this point, his record goes very quiet, but for regular international travel.

With XF[]


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