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Alessia Marie Fiore
Codename: Morrigan
Joined Joined date
Gender Female
Age 25
Birth July 8th
Mutation Empathy/low level Telepathy
Height 5'3"
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Skin Fair
Markings Tattoo on her left hip of a Raven holding a Salmon with a seal in the background, all animals done in a Celtic knotwork edging/style.
Associations X-Factor
Communication To/From Regarding

Alessia Fiore is an empath and an X-Factor agent.


A bachelor's degree from LSU in Forensic Science.



Mother - Melissa Fiore.

Notable Public Information[]


Empathy up to 100 yards, telepathy within 20 feet of her person. Physical proximity/contact makes it easier for her to use her powers.


Personality Profile[]

Alessia, like many psychic mutants, has her good days and her bad days. While always polite, and having a smile for most anyone, on her bad days.. she sticks to herself, and avoids as many other people as she can. She has a cover story for her 'bad days' (For those who don't know her status) claiming she gets migraines at times, and being around people and talking aggravates them.

When it comes to her powers, Alessia tries to take them as just a fact of her life. She does, at times, resent them strongly, to the point she'd declare she hates them, that she wishes her genes had never given them to her. These periods don't usually last long, before she's back to being more sort of matter of fact. She accepts her powers make her different, making her feel closer to people than she actually is, included in their lives by their emotions.


Advanced Fitness (Cert), Self Defense (Cert), Boats (Motor) (Cert), Boats (Manual) (Cert) Language (French) Forensics (Criminalistics) (Cert), Basic Firearms (Cert)


Forensics (Criminalistics) (Duty), Guard Duty (Duty), Basic Firearms (Duty), Language (French), Operations


Currently in training in Stealth and B&E.

Mission History[]