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Amahl Farouk
Gender Formerly male
Mutation Telepathy Possession
Markings Shadows

Amahl Farouk exists as an entity of pure psychic energy who lives in the Astral Plane when not possessing a human body. He feeds off the negative emotions found in human souls. His telepathic powers are formidable, and he is especially skilled at possession.


Revenge-driven, Farouk is especially obsessed with Charles Xavier and the other members of a telepathic circle, including Jean Grey and Emma Frost, who banashed him to the Astral Plane many years ago. His ultimate goal is world-domination through fear.

Known Associations[]

Known Skills[]

  • Extreme telepathic abilities, including the ability to exist as pure psychic energy, to posses others directly, to manipulate others' mutations to his desires, and kill on the astral plane.

Known History[]

Mentions & Sightings[]