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Andrew Swifte
Codename: Confusion
Joined June 2009
Departed January 2011
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth February 21, 1979
Mutation Psionic sense distortion
Height 6'0"
Hair Fair
Eyes Blue
Skin Fair
Markings Tattoo of a historic sailing ship on the lower back and hip
Communication To/From Regarding

Andrew Swifte joined X-Factor in part to earn money to support the two sisters he has guardianship of through college. He retains his hobby of research and reenactment of the Napoleonic Era British navy. He left X-Factor in January of 2011.


BA in Geology



Notable Public Information[]


The ability to interfere with someone's hearing, sight, or inner ear, either together or separately. Swifte can affect individuals or everyone within a given area, either distracting at his lowest level, or incapacitating at his highest.


Former private security guard

Personality Profile[]

Swifte has difficulty with moral abstracts and ideals--he will fight to the end of his abilities to protect people he has deemed worthy of it, but would rarely go to the same lengths for "his country" or "justice". This is not to say he scorns these abstracts, he simply places them at a lesser priority. His obsession with protecting family and those he has declared honorary family is strong enough to present a possible weakness, should this goal conflict with others.


  • Basic Firearms
  • Self Defense
  • Basic Driving
  • Basic Field Medicine


  • Area Head: Guard Duty
  • Basic Fitness
  • Basic Firearms
  • Self Defense


  • Formerly in a romantic relationship with Kelsey MacDougall
  • Known for rather dorkily "liking boats"

Mission History[]