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Antique Lands
Date January 29, 2011 - February 20, 2011
Team Lead Alden, Ritter (2nd)
Team Adam, Eshana, Gabriel, Illyana, Imogene, Isabel, Harper, Kate, Lex, Terry, Toby, Tom, Xen, Zaza
Location(s) Atlanta, Bluefields, Pied Piper Alternate Universe
Casualties Imogene
Link Communication
GM Tat 'n Tez

X-Factor surveillance picked up the sudden appearance of three men at the site of the portal near Puente Sobre, Nicaragua. A team was dispatched to head them off in Atlanta, where they were headed to meet to meet a CDC doctor. The X-Factor team met with the men, learned that the trio were desperate to obtain medicine for a plague in their world which kills 1/4 of any population it touches. The three men and the doctor disappeared in the night and some of the team gave chase, while others were sent to Nicaragua in hopes of stopping their return.

Two of the men (Michael Kemp and Kyle Nasagai) were apprehended with the doctor at an airport and X-Factor agreed to help return them home with the vaccines and antivirals they had secured. Carpenter asked for volunteers and ordered the team through to the AU with three goals: 1) recovery of the portal technology, 2) evaluation of the threat embodied by the group trained by al-Sahra beyond the portal, and 3) the distribution of vaccine and antiviral medication beyond al-Sahra’s control.

On arrival in the AU, the team was instantly gassed and taken prisoner. They were kept in a large barracks-like cell for two days and questioned individually. When there was a blackout one night, the agents were released by a man and escaped to a campsite outside the morada's fence, finding most of their supplies waiting.

In the following days, X-Factor sought to unravel the mystery surrounding their escape, Los Martillos, and how they might return home. After making a fragile pact to work with the morada, they learned that the controls in the portal room had been destroyed and the vaccines, yeast to make more, and antivirals had gone missing. The lack of both became a major concern when la mudo peste — the silent plague — returned and infected natives and X-Factor agents alike. X-Factor recovered the vaccines when searching the morada, procured equipment needed to repair the portal controls, stole portal technology and sent a team with Michael to America to give the CDC a sample of the vaccine. Narrowly escaping capture, the team returned to the Morada to find that Eva had overthrown Michael as leader in order to complete al-Sahra's goal and bring the soldiers through the portal.

With the portal engineer critically injured and X-Factor in possession of the only portal control, both parties came to an agreement to cross the portal together with all weaponry locked in trunks and to leave Los Martillos alone and in the AU. After crossing the portal X-Factor agents were greeted by other agents who had secured the portal on the other side. Things quickly went south as the al-Sahra soldiers collected their weapons and everyone began to attack each other. Some people from la morada escaped, stood aside or switched teams, but many were captured by X-Factor. Everyone spent a week in quarantine then returned home or were incarcerated.


  • January 28
    • Three men emerge from the Nicaragua portal. Surveillance cameras and lip-reading reveal their apparent plans to meet with Dr. Christian Seaworth at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia [1].
  • January 29
    • An X-Factor team is dispatched to Atlanta. Illyana, Tom, and Imogene investigate Dr. Christian Seaworth and set up surveillance to watch his house.
  • January 30
    • Alden, Iago, Illyana, Tom, and Imogene go to Dr. Christian Seaworth's home and have a tense talk with the three people who came out of the AU (Michael, Ji, and Kyle) where they learn the visitors are looking for vaccines and antivirals to take back with them [2].
    • IMDB [3] gets a hit and the Pied Piper Soldiers get in a scuffle with al-S [4].
  • January 31
    • Pied Piper Soldiers call Old Home and are transferred to Alden. They ask for information, but get none and Alden is given none in return.
    • Later, Alden, Iago, and Illyana get a call. The caller asks who they are, and what resources they have. He then asks about the original AU rescue and implies he was part of the people there by choice.
  • February 1
    • Christian Seaworth turns himself in to airport security and then security apprehends Michael and Kyle at Dulles International Airport [5]. Alden and Illyana talk to them and learn about the disease and al-Sahra in the AU [6].
    • In Nicaragua, the team [7] meets with Sheila Kendrick and Kevin McAulleach, trades some information, and investigates the portal area [8].
  • February 2
    • Carpenter sends an e-mail asking agents to enter the Pied Piper AU and retrieve the portal technology, evaluate the al-S threat there, and distribute medications [9].
    • Iago meets with the PPS again and explain what they know, and what the plan is. The PPS declare their intentions to come with XF into the AU [10].
    • The team gathers together to question Kyle and Michael as well as decide on medical safety procedures, vaccinations, whether to invite the PPS or not, and how to get the portal technology home [11].
    • Illyana and Xen talk to Kyle, learn he is a hydrokinetic, that he is not enamored with al-S, and a few other things about the other world and portals [12]. He also drops the name Eva Cerrano as someone in the AU.
  • February 3
    • During the day, the Team follows Michael and Kyle through the portal to the Pied Piper Alternate Universe. When they get to the portal room on the other side everyone is knocked out by gas. When everyone wakes up, they find themselves imprisoned and most of their belongings gone [13].
    • Alden and Eshana are taken from the detention facility to speak with Michael, Kyle and two others — presumably leaders of La Morada. They express displeasure with the XF agents and ask us not to test the limits of our confines while they decide what to do with us [14].
  • February 4
    • The team remains detained. Sometime this day, they are offered to choose two of the items that were brought into the AU. After a short debate, they pick painkillers and a shaving kit. Also, Gabriel and Eshana will be now be allowed out under guard to work with Dr. Ochir Batukhan.
  • February 5
    • Eshana does some work on the vaccines for la peste with Dr. Ochir Batukhan.
    • Terry is interrogated by Pi, who is interested in learning what happened to Aziz . To punish Terry for saying she doesn't know what happened to Aziz, Pi offers Terry the choice between losing the shaving kits or the painkillers and then takes away the painkillers after Terry chooses the shaving kits [15].
    • Lex is interrogated by Erin, who gets upset by her uninformative answers to questions and cuts her across the face with an invisible power.
    • In the evening, all the lights suddenly go out. Moments later, a man appears at the cell door telling the X-Factor agents that the power is cut and the cell door is unlocked, but they need to escape now and that "Los Martillos are their friends within the La Morada". Per his directions, the team escapes into the jungle after a minor altercation at the outside fence with Erin, Ochir and some other mutants and find a large portion of their equipment awaiting them at a waterfall [16]. There, they set up camp and secure the perimeter [17].
    • Gregor Novotny and James Harwin contact Old Home to let them know Silvio, Jessica Lowell, and Ji were spotted with an armed al-S team in Puente Sobre [18]. Madrox sends and e-mail to gather the rest of the agents at OH with the intention of going down and intercepting al-S [19].
    • Madrox later gets a call from Gregor informing him that Ji and Silvio couldn't get the portal working and left. Lowell is still there with some guns [20].
  • February 6
    • Iago and Lex speak with a La Morada engineer named Nikolai, try and convince him the X-Factor agents are just here to help with the plague, and to pass on a message to the Consejo that XF would like a meeting with them [21].
    • Terry and Toby meet Danica by a field of crops in La Morada. Knowing who the agents are, she is very suspicious, but still willing to talk a little [22].
    • Imogene talks with an old man named Jaques by the fields. He is suspicious of the X-Factor agents and unhappy with the poor state of La Morada's supply lines [23].
    • Back on the other side of the portal, X-Factor has a throw-down with al-Sahra [24].
  • February 7
    • Isabel and Zaza investigate the boats at the dock, finding them sunk or empty [25].
    • Eshana encounters one of the patrols at the La Morada fence and encourages her to ask Dr. Batukhan about the vaccine and learned that there was some destruction during the escape that XF is blamed for [26].
    • Adam, Harper, and Illyana meet with the Consejo (Pi, Erin, and Michael). They learned that the vaccines were stolen when we escaped and Adam told the Consejo that we didn't orchestrate our own escape and offers to help try and find the vaccines [27]. Afterwards, Alden talks to Erin and Pi and learns their terms for accepting our help [28].
  • February 8
    • Alden has an encounter with Danica where he learns that she is a part of Los Martillos and that they stole the vaccine [29].
    • Eshana talks to Dr. Ochir and learns he wants to spread the vaccine around the world to save it, but that the Consejo does not and that they plan to take the trained soldiers out of the AU and abandon it. He also has the yeast cultures, but it is a secret [30].
    • Iago spends a good portion of the day at La Morada, talks to Kyle and then scouts around the area until he is caught by Joseph Wells [31].
  • February 9
    • Iago speaks with Eva and does some investigation [32].
    • Zaza searches the apartments and finds more than a few interesting things, like the vaccines and the news that Pi is dead [33].
    • Isabel gets sick and is moved to the clinic by the end of the day. Erin also moves into the clinic.
  • February 10
    • Illyana talks to Kev about what he remembers of the people in La Morada [34].
    • Adam meets with Danica to learn more about Los Martillos [35]. He later meets with Dr. Ochir to talk to him about the yeasts and making more vaccines [36].
    • Alden and Xen speak with Michael about getting a boat and a guide for a trip to Bluefields [37].
    • Imogene and Kate steal and go through Eva's notes on the La Morada residents [38].
  • February 11
    • By now, Isabel, Terry, Alden, Imogene and four people from La Morada are sick in the clinic. Erin succumbed to the disease and passed away. Alden gives some last minute orders before going to the clinic [39].
    • Iago does some forensics work and helps investigate Pi's apartment [40].
    • Tom speaks to Nikolai about the portal [41].
    • Zaza, Xen and Kate travel to Bluefields to get the parts for the portal in the company of Jaques, Danica and Kyle. While in town, they are attacked and Kate receives a graze to her shoulder while Danica gets shot in the side. Kate and Xen spend the night in jail, Kyle takes Danica to the hospital and Zaza and Jaques return to the boat to collect the delivery of parts [42].
  • February 12
    • Zaza, Xen, Kate and their party return from Bluefields with information and the part for Nikolai [43].
    • Iago has a talk with Micheal in the garden and is able to negotiate a trip out to Managua and Sandusky Labs. [44]
    • Danica joins the others in quarantine. The funeral pyres of Pi and Erin are burnt in the evening.
    • This is the Real World actual date the AU team and people from the Morada reappear through the portal. After a scuffle, everyone spends the next week in Bluefields in quarantine.
  • February 13
    • Zaza has a chat with Eva while working in the gardens, she is bustled off to quarantine later [45].
    • Adam and Alden discuss the possibility of the pills that Ochir gives the patients being antivirals [46].
    • Eshana, Alden and Ochir have a conversation on the vaccine distribution and yes there may be antivirals. It is indicated that they will accept aide in setting up vaccine distribution in the AU so long as they can trust XF help [47].
  • February 14
    • Alden negotiates with Micheal and Ochir to accept our help. He also offers to heal Danica [48].
    • While trying to resurrect the sunken boats Xen, Kate and Toby are attacked by a crocodile. Xen is apparently tasty [49].
    • Adam spoke with Jaques about the Morada's supplies [50] and also spoke with and fished with Kyle [51].
  • February 15
    • Late at night, Iago, Toby and Kevin McAulleach broke into the portal lab, copied the information off the computer and photographed a bunch of paper files [52].
    • Jack Harper searched and explored the main building [53].
    • Tom tests the limits of the psionic block in the Morada and learns its range and that it moves. He also picks up some thoughts from Michael [54].
    • In the United States, Adam, Gabriel, and Michael visit the AU CDC in Atlanta. They take the research and supplies, but get aggressive when the team tries to leave causing them to drive through a gate as they are shot at by guards [55].
  • February 16
    • Iago speaks to Nikolai and learns that Eva is trying to take over the Morada and prepare the army to return [56].
    • While in the barn with Kyle, Terry discovers the location of our missing weapons [57]. Later, Tom and Kate go and retrieve our weapons, running into Kyle in the process [58].
    • Adam, Gabriel, Illyana and Michael return to the Morada through AU Rus.
    • Iago and Xen escort Michael back to the Morada where Eva and a group of people confront Michael about his loyalty to al-Sahra. Eva casts Michael out and shoots Michael, then Nikolai shoots Eva and gets set on fire for doing so. The al-S supporters then demand the use of Alden to heal him and Eva.
  • February 17
    • Adam shares what he learned about the AU history [59].
    • The team gathers around the campfire with the intention of discussing plans. There is a lot of name calling and moral grandstanding, but eventually they come up with steps to take [60].
  • February 18
    • Eshana takes Meredith for a walk away from the Morada to get her out of Tom's range and talks to her about other options from al-Sahra. Meredith agrees to seek out other people who would like to go through the portal peacefully, not as part of al-Sahra [61].
    • Tom goes through Nikolai's mind to learn more about the portal and the remote [62].
    • Toby talks to Joseph about the knockout gas [63].
    • Adam speaks with Kyle about convincing others not to fiht for Eva and the knockout gas [64].
  • February 19
    • Alden talks to Danica and gets the portal remote [65].
    • Illyana portals into the clinic where Iago and Zaza are and they escape into Rus, but not before Zaza gets cut across the cheek and loses a chunk of hair and Iago gets stabbed in the thigh with force knives [66].
    • Tom, Lex, Imogene and Kev break into the main building to secure Nikolai while Gabriel keeps watch by the fence. They are successful, though not without cost: Lex sustains some broken ribs and Imogene is shot in the head and dies [67].
    • Alden and Adam negotiate with the Morada to go through the portal unharmed.
  • February 20
    • After meeting at the gate to the Morada and searching each other for weapons, the weapons were locked in boxes. X-Factor then searched the portal room for traps while Tom searched minds for plans of attack. Finding nothing obvious, groups of half went through the portal to the other side unharmed.
    • On the other side of the portal, an X-Factor reunion is broken up by members of the Morada getting weapons and attacking XF agents. After a chaotic fight, the al-Sahra hojas were either subdued or escaped leaving many agents with cuts and bruises. Kate both received serious knife wounds, Lex and Remy have bruises from gunshots to body armor and Gabriel was critically shot in the chest and healed by Alden. Everyone then spent a week in quarantine [68].
    • On this date in the Real World time, everyone went back to Old Home.

Important Evidence[]

Clues: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AiwH3svHfnWMdGdPbHJROGk4dEJILWRSM0h1eDV0UXc&hl=en&authkey=CKOgvt8B#gid=0

Characters/To Do List: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AiwH3svHfnWMdDJRZmk5S2oxZm5uWk52QjZiUlVyenc&hl=en&authkey=CJyi3uoI#gid=0



Kyle Nasagai

  • Ji's son and one of the first children born in the AU, he is a big brother figure to many of his generation. He withdrew and grew angry during his sister Georgia's illness, particularly when Pi ordered the cessation of her combat training. Though not very approving of Georgia and Nikolai's relationship, they have been close since her death. Crossed over to our world to collect treatment for 'la mudo peste'. Hydrokinetic. Not al-Sahra friendly. He joined X-Factor after this mission.

Michael Kemp

  • Part of the Consejo and al-Sahra trainer in the AU. He has a mutation that allows him to control bloodflow. Upholds true al-Sahra values, and Eva used to believe him to likely remain loyal. Later, she formed a coup against him and cast him out of the Morada after shooting him in the knee. A member of Los Martillos. Forsook al-Sahra and remained in the AU.

Ji Nasagai

  • A strict al-Sahra firearms trainer in the AU. Left Michael and Kyle behind to attempt to make contact with al-Sahra. Before Georgia's death, at least, he looked to be a strong al-Sahra supporter. Eva is confident of Ji's loyalty. Not in the AU, current whereabouts unknown.

Dr. Ochir Batukhan

  • Former Doctor Without Borders turned La Morada doctor. Unlike the Consejo, he doesn't want to abandon this world when the portal opens, but instead wants to make more vaccine to cure it. Married to Erin, though their marriage has cooled since the death of their son. More talk of grief in response to loss, this time in regards to Ochir and Erin's deceased children. She notes a cooling in their marriage since their death. Probably had an affair with Danica. Eva notes him as dedicated to his work, though she is not so certain that dedication is for al-Sahra. A member of Los Martillos. He remained in the AU.

Pi Tui

  • Part of the Consejo. Very good at her job, but heavy-handed and unsubtle. Eva believes she resented Michael for taking the al-Sahra seat on the Consejo. Strong al-Sahra loyalty. Deceased, supposedly due to natural causes.

Nikolai Lemon

  • The head engineer of Project Portal at La Morada. He used to work under Aziz, until he went through the portal two years ago their time. Believes in the project, wants to get the portal working again. Used to date Georgia, Kyle's sister, and is friends with Kyle. Has a close relationship with Michael, which Eva hoped would keep him tied to al-Sahra. He was set on fire during Eva's coup after shooting Eva. A member of Los Martillos. He remained in the AU.

Danica Kellerman

  • A member of Los Martillos. Sexually promiscuous, she likes to distract the younger crowd, acting out to get her father's attention and to seek the acceptance of others through physical intimacy. Probably had an affair with Ochir. Far too flighty for Eva to consider her a solid al-Sahra investment. She remained in the AU.

Jaques Bertrand

  • A very capable logistics sort, not originally from the AU. Eva blames him for Danica's behavior, as she notes him as pushing his daughter away after the death of her mother. His loyalty is fairly solid in Eva's mind. He crossed the portal with the majority of the morada with intent to return to his family. He is currently in witness protection after Razor's Edge.

Joseph Wells

  • Chief electrician and engineer of the hydroelectric dam. Nervous and fidgety in disposition. Probably one of the original Hojas. He is distant from his children. Eva considers him a useless yes-man sort who will say anything to get on anyone's good side. He may spout al-Sahra ideals, but his training is greatly rusty and Eva's not exactly buying his loyalty. One of the original Abducted Children. He crossed the portal with the majority of the morada with intent to return to his family. He and his family are currently in Colombia as working for a drug cartel.

Eva Cerrano

  • Very smart, polite old lady. Seems to know a lot about what happens (and has happened) in La Morada. Has a lot of notes about the residents of La Morada. She still believes in completing al-Sahra's goal of bringing the trained mutant soldiers to the real world and staged a coup to overthrow Michael to reach this goal. She was captured after crossing the portal.

Erin Andel Cervenka-Batukhan

  • Part of the Consejo. Aerokinetic. Wants to go back to the other world. Where once she was noted for a certain cheer and optimism, after the death of two children, she has grown greatly withdrawn. Eva suggests a certain amount of denial in regards to the suspected Ochir/Danica affair, but also a certain amount of marital apathy. Erin's loyalty to al-Sahra is highly questionable. Deceased, due to infection of la mudo peste.

Meredith Woods

  • Eva notes that she is very curious about the "real world" which Eva tried to encourage, but her attention is more for Jaques and the Morada than al-Sahra. Eva believes that if she isn't sleeping with Jaques now, she wants to. Telepathic white noise mutation. She joined X-Factor after this mission.

Michelle Ray

  • She is a botanokinetic and trained as one of al-Sahra's mutant soldiers. Probably one of the original Abducted Children. She has a seven year old daughter, Kelly, and a thirteen year old son, Nico, who has a poison creation mutation. They are Meredith's adopted family. She and her children crossed the portal with the majority of the morada. All are currently in witness protection after Razor's Edge.


  • Christian Seaworth - CDC doctor who began working on treatment for a new influenza strain in November. Provided Michael and Kyle with vaccines and antivirals.




The real world's 'compound' where al-Sahra set up camp.


The AU's 'compound' - the morada. A is the main and original compound building. B is a gym, C are apartments, D is the stable, E are fields and fruit trees, F are docks, and G is the hydroelectric plant. X-Factor's camp is to the east.