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Area Heads manage the everyday functions of their assigned area and for overseeing the work of other agents assigned to their area as it pertains to those functions.

The functions of an area vary according to its nature. Some, like Intelligence, Medical, and Mechanics, are primarily focused on tasks which keep X-Factor running from day to day and enable missions to proceed smoothly. Others, such as Covert Skills, Ordnance, and Close-Quarters Combat, are almost entirely devoted to training agents in the skills they will need in the field, and to maintaining that training.

Whatever the focus of their area, Area Heads are responsible for assuring the accurate training and certification of all agents who pursue a certification in their area, and are encouraged to delegate.

Area Heads also hold the responsibility for disciplining any infractions which do not occur on mission and which fall under the jurisdiction of their area. They are authorized to hand out strikes up to the third, which may instead be recommended to Carpenter.