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Aydan Soo Jin McMurphy
Codename: Blaze
Joined January 2010
Gender Female
Age 26
Birth November 12
Mutation Pyrokinetic
Height 5'10"
Hair Brown/varies
Eyes Brown
Skin Golden/Asiatic complected
Associations Air Force
Communication To/From Regarding

Aydan McMurphy is an X-Factor agent.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Air Force Academy. Flight training, certified pilot.



Notable Public Information[]


Pyrokinesis. - Aydan can generate flame from exciting the air (oxygen) molecules within range to the point they spark, and create flame. She can direct and control the intensity of the fire, increasing the size, decreasing the size, determining how hotly it burns, creating jet streams of flame. She can also reverse the power, and stifle the flames until they extinguish. Aydan must be within 35 yards of where the fire she is creating/controlling is.

Aydan is not affected by the heat of a fire as someone else without her mutation would be. (Manipulation of molecules to limit the oxygen around her person)

Heat- Aydan can cause fires to burn up to 2500 Farhenheit, for up to fifteen minutes on her own under normal circumstances where there is the normal range of oxygen in the air (Not underwater, or at high altitudes where oxygen is scarce). The more 'fuel' she has, in things that burn (ex. Wood, paper, flammable substances), the longer she can keep it the fire burning. This is hot enough to weld and weaken steel, but not enough to melt it.

Control -A fire she's started is always under her control, a fire that she did not create takes some time for her to take control of, up to five minutes, depending on the size and complexity of materials being burned. Once she has control of it, it is much like a fire she herself has started, though it is slower to respond to her desires than one of her own created fires.

Size - While she can spread a fire in any direction she chooses, the bigger the fire, the less intensely she can make it burn without additional fuel. She can cause a fire to spread up to 15 yards at her top temp of 2500, after that, every additional 10 yards causes it to lose 100 degrees of heat. She can not, as of yet, spread a fire further than 55 yards from it's starting point, no matter if she is at the starting point, or up to her 35 yards away from it.


Personality Profile[]


  • Basic Fitness (Cert)
  • Advanced Fitness (Cert)
  • Basic Firearms (Cert)
  • Self-Defense (Cert)
  • Melee Weapons (Cert)
  • Basic Driving (Cert)
  • Plane (Cert)
  • Language (Cert)
  • Auto Repair (Cert)


Mission History[]


1 Strike - March 16th, 2010

  • Refusal to comply with orders given by TL
  • Insubordinate behavior