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Baba Yaga
Gender Female
Age Crone
Height Hunched
Hair White
Eyes Dark
Skin Brown
Affiliation Herself

Baba Yaga is the main force of evil in Rus, since no fairytale can exist without one. There are other villains, but Baba Yaga is the one who most directly opposes Illyana in strength and importance. She is a crone, warped and hunched, though she can wear a sweet young face as well.


Baba Yaga seeks power. She recognizes that Illyana is one of the most powerful forces in Rus, and so is continually trying to bring her under the witch's control. Failing that, she wishes to control the magic of people's mutations. Whenever she has the opportunity, she tries to either entice people into alliances with promises of power or trick them into giving her information about or holds over Illyana.

Known Associations[]

Crows seen within Rus are almost certainly working for Baba Yaga

Known Skills[]


Mentions & Sightings[]

Scenic Limbo