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Country Nicaragua
Language(s) Spanish, Miskito
Population 45,547
Timezone UTC -6 (PST +2)
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Bluefields is a major port city on the southeast side of Nicaragua. Because of mountainous and jungle terrain, there are no roads connecting Bluefields to the west coast, and visitors must either fly in or take a boat down the Rio Escondido.

It has a fraught history which includes piracy, drug trade, and both political and economic unrest, and is exceedingly poor.

Major Events[]

Major Locations[]

  • The ports of Bluefields are very important to the city and were the location of many Burro Shipping deliveries to al-Sahra.
  • The city of El Rama is about 70 miles upriver from Bluefields. Puente Sobre is another ~ 15 miles.

Major Organizations[]

  • Burro Shipping established a delivery point here to feed al-Sahra's orders for mutants. It has not been investigated since the Sandinista base was shut down.

Major People[]

Plots & Missions[]

In the course of tracking Illyana's last known location, the team lands in Bluefields and passes through on their way up the Rio Escondido to El Rama and Puente Sobre