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Burro Port Investigations
Date January 7 - 14, 2010
Team Lead Illyana
Team Alden, Jake, Jean-Paul, Nadia, Remy, Tom, Walter
Location(s) Los Angeles, New York City, Vladivostok, Algiers, Marseilles
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Following leads gathered during Shanghaid, agents investigate the different ports used by Burro Shipping to attempt to find clues about Carmen's whereabouts.


Los Angeles[]

Lead: Jean-Paul

Team: Nadia

Date: January 7th, 2010

  • The guards on duty at the warehouse receive a call from a woman who was transferring a shipment out of Puerto Vallarta and to Los Angeles. She was responsible for hunting the human cargo down, and it waited on her.

New York City[]

Lead: Remy

Team: Nadia, Walter

Date: January 9th, 2010

  • Team digs around in a dockside bar called Stvol's, discovering that some smuggling would be going on that night.
  • Setting up surveillance, the team watches as five men -- four workers and one overseer -- arrive and unload what seem to be pharmaceuticals.
  • Remy and Nadia break into the warehouse, confirm that the crates have the Burro Shipping logo and slap on an w:RFID transmitter.


Lead: Illyana

Team: Jean-Paul

Date: January 10th, 2010

  • Illyana and Jean-Paul break into the warehouses only to find that they are being emptied.
  • Jean-Paul follows a shipment to the main offices and breaks in. Illyana teleports to him and they find three young mutants being held captive in cages.
  • As Illyana teleports them out into Limbo, Dmitri and his guard, Nikolai, faceoff in a standoff with Jean-Paul.
  • Dmitri is left with the impression that Jean-Paul and Illyana are X-Men, and gets a good look at them both, as well as a clear knowledge of Illyana's powers.


Lead: Jean-Paul

Team: Jake, Tom

Date: January 14th, 2010

  • The team surveils the Marseilles Burro Shipping warehouse while they pack a crate of telepathic inhibitors for shipment.
  • The team gathers intel about Dmitri and the telepathic inhibitor shipment.
  • Jean-Paul leaves Marseilles for his next mission, leaving Tom and Jake to gather intel about Carmen's abduction and handling a few years prior.


Lead: Jean-Paul

Team: Alden

Date: January 13, 2010

  • When they went to investigate the warehouse, Jean-Paul and Alden were ambushed, drugged, and telepathically mind-wiped, before being returned to their hotel.
  • The word ALGIERS was burned into Alden's shirt, proving that not all was as it seemed.
  • Jake and Tom restored the memories of the agents en route to Old Home.

Important Evidence[]

Los Angeles[]

  • Warehouse was full of various pharmaceuticals similar to those seen in the Shanghaid mission.
  • Phonecall received by the guards was made from a disposable cellphone with an area code that traces back to Vladivostok.

New York City[]


  • Ports being emptied.


  • Carmen was once an abducted child taken through into the AU.
  • Dmitri is principally in charge of logistics for Burro Shipping.
  • Burro Shipping begins making common use of telepathic inhibitors for the protection of its staff.


  • Algiers was confirmed as Carmen's location and a point of al-Sahra interest.



  • Carmen wiped the memories of Jean-Paul and Alden after having them abducted at the Algiers warehouse.
  • Dmitri contacted in unfriendly fashion.
  • Trieu Thang burned the word ALGIERS into Alden's shirt while they were in captivity in an attempt to get a clue out. He paid for his success with his memories when Carmen wiped him clean and left him with the mental faculties of a 12-year-old.


  • Nikolai - Dmitri's bodyguard.