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Carlo Castaldi
Gender male
Age format=y}}
Height Height
Hair Some hair
Eyes Some color
Skin Intact
Affiliation United Nations
Rank Judge

Carlo Castaldi is the U.N. Commissioner against Impunity, chairing the International Commission against Impunity in Kenya. He is fighting corruption by replacing dirty officials in the Kenyan government with his own picked people.


Idealistic and deeply interested in justice for its own sake (as far as we know).

Known Associations[]

Known Skills[]

Known History[]

  • In June 2011, responded to an assassination attempt on his life with excitement because it meant he could more successfully prosecute his campaign against the corrupt officials who retained the assassins.
  • Works in refugee camps providing humanitarian aid to drought refugees from Somalia.

Mentions & Sightings[]

On the Savannah - During the Kenya mini, X-Factor prevented an attempt on his life.


Under some suspicion of Remaal al-Sahra involvement.