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Carmen Munoz
Gender Female
Age 30s
Birth January 10, 1993
Death March 8, 2010
Mutation Telepathy
Height 5'2"
Hair Black
Eyes Dark
Skin Brown
Affiliation Remaal al-Sahra
Rank Head of Project Portal

Carmen Munoz was a telepathic operative of Remaal al-Sahra, principally in charge of the organization's child soldier project. Once a Burro Shipping abductee and child soldier herself, she grew to be a competent and implacable enemy for X-Factor, and was eventually murdered in custody by the Pied Piper Soldiers.


Cool, collected and controlled, Carmen was known for her efficiency and her ruthlessness. Cruelty was a means to an end, but not one she shied from.

Known Associations[]

She often worked with Silvio Constantini.

Known Skills[]

  • Powerful telepathy of approximately 150 meters that favored telepathic compulsion over empathic suggestion. Capable of manipulating muscular control
  • Logistical strengths.
  • Paramilitary stealth and weapons training.

Known History[]

Carmen was abducted from foster care as an adolescent telepath and transferred through Marseilles. She was then trained in captivity in the same AU as the PPS, only ... earlier. Late 2007 / early 2008.

As an adult, she took over the reins of Project Portal from someone else and expanded and intensified the operation, buying even more young mutants from the smuggling ring than before and increasing the level of military training they received.

When X-Factor destroyed the device used to open the portal, Carmen began to work with al-Sahra scientists to open a new portal. All of the child soldiers and multiple al-Sahra personnel are apparently still trapped in the Pied Piper AU.

Mentions & Sightings[]

  • She captured and attempted to suborn a fraction of the dispatched X-Factor team in Algiers during The Lion's Den, when she was captured and taken into custody with the help of the Pied Piper Soldiers.
  • She was subsequently murdered while in federal custody.