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Caroline Evinger
Gender Female
Birth 1966
Height Medium height
Hair Silvershot blonde

Affiliation Department of Homeland Security, X-Factor

Caroline Evinger is an agent in the Department of Homeland Security who visited X-Factor as a part of their Organizational Review. She worked with Daniel Kerrington, who later turned out to be an al-Sahra spy, and visited Old Home again when he was found dead in Romania. During Carpenter's leave of absence, Evinger stepped in to oversee X-Factor operations.


Efficience. Reasonably warm, friendly efficience, but with that general air of competent detatchment that suggests she knows her shit and is not interested in your personal problems. She has a remarkably efficient memory and is uncomfortably perceptive. She is married to her job.

Known Associations[]

A committee of the Director of National Intelligence in cooperation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, as well as others with the clearance to understand the whole of X-Factor's situation -- including the President and the Vice-President, elected her to be in charge of X-Factor in Carpenter's absence.

Known Skills[]

Known History[]

Mentions & Sightings[]


She has awesome suits.