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Nina Irwin (Carpenter)
Gender Female
Age format=y}}
Birth 1943
Height 5'4"
Hair Silver
Eyes Blue
Skin Fair
Markings Missing one eye, wears an eyepatch.
Affiliation X-Factor, CIA
Rank Top Dog

Carpenter is the top authority in X-Factor. She was briefly kidnapped during the Carpenwhere mission.


Carpenter tends to believe that the ends justify the means. She is typically hands-off and tends not to second-guess agents, but supports their actions and choices.

Known Associations

  • Carpenter is in the CIA and has a plethora of government contacts.

Known Skills

  • Crack shot, despite her injury.
  • Multilingual.
  • Selecting the most fun missions.
  • Doling out weary discipline.

Known History

  • She was involved in the Cold War. Specifically, she was a deep-cover spy in China, Russia, and the Ukraine.
  • In her early 30s, she lost her eye to torture in Russia after her cover was blown. The US eventually negotiated for her release and she returned home to a desk job.
  • She worked for nearly three and a half decades in the inner bowels of the CIA, with the last decade and a half devoted to training the best and brightest.
  • Throughout her career, she mentored a lot of people and made a lot of connections. Some of these people are now in very powerful positions – high-ranking CIA agents, senators, governors, generals, folks in the DHS, FBI, all over the board.
  • She is /well/ connected. She is well-regarded and highly-respected by many in the field, although there were the usual jealousy and gender issues. She had particular trouble with her politics when she made it clear that she approved of integrating mutants into the CIA.
  • Seven years ago, one of her prized students was kicked out of the CIA after being revealed as a mutant. It was at that point that Carpenter began laying the groundwork for X-Factor. In its first (shady) form, X-Factor appeared in 2007 and reached full, legal realization following the election of John Stockton in 2009.

Mentions & Sightings

  • Prior to her disappearance, she had a strict policy of secrecy. She was never seen, only heard, with her voice camouflaged.
  • Has been represented by a Mr. Potato Head figure in past interviews.


  • She wears spats.
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