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X-Factor trains its field agents through a system of certifications. As an organization, X-Factor recognizes that agents join the group with a wide variety of skills and levels of expertise. As such, the first week of membership is generally spent in intensive training so that new agents can be given the correct certifications and assigned to work in certain areas.

Certifications indicate an expertise in an area. Many people may have skills in more specific areas (ie, picking locks but not dealing with electronic systems, or shooting a particular type of handgun) without having the breadth or depth to become certified, and those skills are used as appropriate.

Basic Agent Certifications

All new Field Agents are expected to be mission ready. In order to facilitate this, agents spend time in a basic certification boot camp at the base in North Dakota earning their Basic Agent Certification. How long the time between recruitment and arrival on base depends on the number of certifications needing to be picked up. Plan accordingly. These certifications are:

Certification Areas

Each certification falls under the purview of an area. Each area is organized and overseen by an agent assigned as Area Head, who then will have several other agents assigned to the area in order to assist with training others in the skills needed to gain a certification. Area Heads are responsible for assuring the accurate training and certification of all agents who pursue a certification in their area, and are encouraged to delegate.



Close-Quarters Combat




Covert Skills



Certifications offered in all languages.


Wilderness Survival



Computer Technology & Engineering

Planning & Organization

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