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Charles Spencer Alden IV
Codename: Caduceus
Joined Dec 28, 2009; April 14, 2010
Departed Feb 9, 2010
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth November 11
Mutation Tissue manipulation
Height 6'2
Hair Blonde
Eyes Grey
Skin unknown
Markings Small scar on his hip
Associations Interpol
Communication To/From Regarding

Charles Spencer Alden IV is an ex-Interpol agent who was recruited into X-Factor in December of 2009. He did not make very many friends. Due to personal reasons, he left the organization in Febuary of 2010. He returned in April of 2010.


Masters in Linguistics from Oxford.


  • Excellent in Arabic, multiple dialects.
  • Excellent in Hindi, multiple dialects.
  • Excellent in Urdu.
  • Excellent in Pashto.
  • Proficient in Punjabi.
  • Proficient in Romany.
  • Conversational in Persian.
  • Mostly conversational in Hebrew.
  • High school level Latin.
  • Minor verbal skills in French.


Formerly employed within Interpol.


  • Charles Spencer Alden III - Father, deceased. His death certificate is from April of 2010, related to cancer.
  • Victoria Stewart-Alden - Mother, currently on a number of social and charitable committees in London, England.
  • Elizabeth Georgina Alden-Moore - Older sister, married. Currently known to handle the Alden family finances.
  • Gregory Moore - Brother-in-law. Currently known to do nothing, in proper fashion.
  • James Stewart Alden - Younger brother, officer within the Royal Navy.
  • Liliane Eve Alden - Daughter, lives in San Francisco with her mother Mallory Pratt.

Notable Public Information[]

  • Owns Alden Castle in Wiltshire, England as of his father's death.
  • Inherited a trust at 25.


Alden is able to manipulate soft and hard tissue in bodies of other humans for the purpose of helping the body repair itself. Essentially, the body wants to heal itself. It knows what it should be doing to fix itself and he just helps it along its way, using his powers as only a focus that the body leeches from to speed up the natural process.


Languages. Very talented linguist and interrogator.

Personality Profile[]




Dislikes using his powers. Only uses them rarely outside of necessity.

Mission History[]