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Chessie Reese
Codename: N/A
Joined March 18, 2010
Gender Female
Age 23
Birth 11/29/86
Mutation Molecular Manipulation
Height 5'6"
Hair Auburn
Eyes Brown
Skin Light olive.
Markings Large burn scar on inner right bicep.
Communication To/From Regarding

Chessie Reese

A transplant from Mobile, Alabama and one of the newer members of X-Factor.


GED, ASE certified mechanic, ACE certified personal trainer.


Chessie can manipulate molecules (ions and electrons) and rapidly increase the density of gasses and inorganic solids. Increasing the density of the air around her and ionizing it allows her to create "heavy burst" projectiles (maximum range 10 yards, maximum size a 2' globular mass). Standard projectiles can knock a large hole in a standard wall or render the average man unconscious. Chessie can generate these projectiles at a moderate pace (every 10 to 15 seconds) for about 5 minutes before requiring rest or aggravating her heart and blood pressure conditions.

At times Chessie's "heavy bursts" take on visibility in the form of glowing, citrine-colored masses of plasma that cause minor burns and leave behind sulfurous odor (basketball-sized at its largest, 5 yards maximum distance). Chessie can only perform half as many of these as regular projectiles for half as long a time.

Chessie also has the ability to increase the density of inorganic solids without altering their outward appearance, incidentally superheating them (maximum temperature 1218 degrees in a 3' diameter). This is of far greater difficulty and perilous from a cardiac standpoint. The effort to heat a cup of coffee leaves her with the need to perform Valsalva maneuvers to regulate her heart rate.


Chessie is an outstanding mechanic, personal trainer, and a fair hand at repairs of any sort. Much more intelligent than she lets on, she is a quick learner with an outstanding memory. Chessie is high skilled when it comes to lying and as a result skilled at detecting lies. She has good experience with semi-automatic handguns and rifles. Chessie has little hand-to-hand combat training but knows how to throw a punch. She is relatively agile and likely to attack while in motion and from a medium distance. She would be useful for providing cover fire or working with others to bring another down.

Personality Profile[]

Chessie first strikes others as lackadaisical but is a calculating individual with a love of verbal play. She is generally warm, personable, and mercurial if not amusing. Many find themselves off balance in her presence due to a tendancy to shift from blunt to vague and the surprising bits of wisdom she sometimes offers. She is friendly and helpful with most though slower to claim a true friend. Regardless of her charm and good intentions, Chessie is riddled with character flaws including but not limited to grey-area morals, double standards, avoiding situations, lack of concern, and backpacking emotions.



Advanced Fitness

Basic Driving

Garage Duty



Has been diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia and hypertension in direct relation to her mutation. Often abuses medication to compensate for overexertion and the like.

Mission History[]

Trabzon (Mini)


None to date.