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Chloe and Claire
Gender Female
Age format=y}}
Birth 3/18/1988
Mutation Psionic illusions
Height 5'7"
Hair Light brown
Eyes Hazel
Skin Fair
Markings None
Affiliation None

Chloe and Claire are identical illusionist twins. They created a false rift to draw in those who could give them information about how to rescue their brother Sam from the Tompkins Square Park rift, leading to the Rifters mission. X-Factor has been keeping rough track of them since the mission.


Chloe is the leader of the two girls. A little more selfish and lacking in morality, she is primarily focused on protecting her sister and uses her illusions to make their two lives easier. She went to the greatest lengths in the search for their brother for her sister's sake. She's more confident and brasher in her romantic entanglements.

Claire is the more empathetic of the twins. As more often the protected rather than the protector, she's emotionally more free to empathize with other people, though her perspective on how much meddling in other people's perceptions is moral is still extremely skewed. Her primary goal was once to find their brother, though she's now the more realistic of the two about moving on with their lives. She is much more shy in her interactions with people.

Known Associations[]

Known Skills[]

A number of tricks to back their mutational illusions of people and places up, such as having reasons for long term evidence of events to be destroyed, and conversational tricks when wearing someone else's appearance.

Known History[]

The twins were going to school in New York City with their brother when he was lost in the Tompkins Square Park rift. They hung around the rift for a while to try to find out how to rescue him, and then hatched the plan of creating their own rift to draw in those who might have more information. They set up the false rift in the mountains near base and caught several locals: Ariadne Makos, Avraham Tal-Shachar, Alyssa Carter, and Ginny Jones. When the word spread and an X-Factor team arrived, the twins led them to a vacation home they had taken over, and created the illusion of a world where modified humans (mechs) fight against pure humans.

Ethan was Chloe's character, who echoed her protection of her sister as a mech who had gone off the grid to protect a human.

Cee was Claire's character, a human fighter who was also searching for a brother who had fallen through a rift.

See Rifters for other mission events. After the memory wipe, the girls have so far been traveling around California, with several stops at college campuses.

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