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Close-quarters Combat
Area Head Ilad Tal-Shachar
Duty Roster Assigned Agents

Close-quarters combat focuses on the techniques and methodologies of individuals or small groups attacking and defending against an opponent at close range. This may be conducted unarmed, with weapons such as knives or staves, or even learning to fight with whatever comes to hand, be it a beer bottle, pool cue or the ever-popular chair to the back of the head. Practitioners may specialize in one or more discrete martial arts, or may favour a less-formal style that draws from many and adheres wholly to none.

Close-quarters combat centers around rapid assaults (and defending against them) with a precise application of lethal or non-lethal force. Combatants must possess the ability to make split-second decisions in order to avoid friendly or civilian casualties.

Self-defense is typically lower in intensity then the rest of the area's certifications, and is suitable for the agent who just needs to know how to fight back long enough 'til they can run safely away.



An agent entering the organization with no self defense training whatsoever could expect to be ready for their self defense certification after a month, if instruction and practice sessions are occurring roughly 3-4 days a week.

Lack of baseline fitness or time spent away on missions can increase the time needed, whereas entering with some level of understanding already in place, or being able to arrange for daily practice and instruction could shorten it. If you are planning to fast track and are going to claim extra time spent, remember that your IC instructors may or may not have the additional time in their schedules.


Someone starting with only Self-Defense and Basic Fitness and no prior background in offensive martial arts can expect to take 6-8 months to obtain this cert, if practice and instruction sessions are occurring 3-4 days a week.

A solid background (5+ years of experience) in an offensive-based martial art such as jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, karate, etc. prior to joining X-Factor can significantly reduce the amount of time required to obtain the cert. In these situations, training will be focused on balancing out the areas not emphasized by the martial art and moving the focus from competitive sparring to actual combat application.

Training time can be reduced by increasing the amount of weekly practice, and can be increased if the agent's duties take them into the field for frequent or prolonged missions away, thus interrupting their progress. If practice and training time are going to be increased, remember to account for other duties, and for the fact that an instructor may not ICly have room in their schedule.


  • Self-Defense
Must be certified in: Self-Defense
  • Unarmed Hand-to-Hand
Must be certified in: Self-Defense, Hand-to-Hand
  • Melee Weapons
Must be certified in: Melee Weapons