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Danish Run
Date September 1, 2010 - September 10, 2010
Team Lead Madrox
Team Alessia, Gabriel, Illyana, Isabel, Jean-Paul, Kelsey, Kestrel, Kitty, Nadia, Nick, Remy, Ritter, Silas, Tom, Xen
Location(s) Copenhagen, Denmark
Casualties Kelsey
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X-Factor plant Eshana Anand discovers Remaal al-Sahra is trying to induce mutation in humans with occasionally successful, occasionally horrible results. X-Factor decides it's time to shut down the lab for good. Although Kelsey is killed when she confronts a nightmare from her past, the team manages to successfully raid the lab and bring all of the scientists into custody.


Copenhagen Recon[]

Lead: Madrox

Team: Jean-Paul, Kelsey, Kestrel, Silas

The X-Factor team keeps watch on the El Kendi lab and tracks the scientists to their home addresses. One of the scientists is revealed to be Dr. Aleksandar Vukovic, identified and then shot dead by Kelsey. He fatally wounds her in turn.

Madrox then calls in additional agents on Monday, September 6th, to organize strikes to shut down the Copenhagen lab.

Copenhagen Raid[]

Apartment #1[]

Lead: Remy

Team: Illyana

Remy and Illyana manage to successfully subdue one of the two scientists off-site without injury: Cao Tan Hau.

Apartment #2[]

Lead: Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul manages to successfully subdue one of the two scientists off-site without injury: Aizawa Masayoshi.

The Lab[]

Lead: Madrox

Team: Alessia, Gabriel, Isabel, Kitty, Nadia, Nick, Ritter, Silas, Tom, Xen

Kitty and Nick blind and disorient guards by first infiltrating the lab and knocking out their security monitors. They retreat through a patient room where Nick takes a bullet to the knee while invisible fired by a suspicious guard. Losing invisibility, he and Kitty retreat to the stairwell.

There, they meet the descending team lead by Isabel of Alessia, Gabriel, Ritter, and Xen. Support by Ritter's illusions, they manage to successfully subdue the guards.

Elsewhere in the facility, a small strike team of Madrox, Nadia, and Tom subdues and captures the scientists in the facility: Ragnar, Wyss, Daza, and Verheyen. They discover the mathematician and engineer in a room with a strange construction.

Everyone then data-grabs and smashes the place up.

Important Evidence[]


Floorplan of the Copenhagen Lab

  • Eshana's file on lab findings
  • Codes for building entry
  • A rough floorplan
  • Addresses for scientist homes.
  • Samples and hard-copied files from the facility and from Eshana.
  • Data transfer interrupted going to Sweden.
  • During telepathic read of scientists during interrogation, Nathaniel Essex discovered as having some directive oversight over research.




  • Andres Felipe Daza - Colombian mathematician.
  • Emmalina Wyss - Swiss doctor.
  • Cao Tan Hau - Physicist. From Vietnam.
  • Aizawa Masayoshi - Japanese neurochemist.
  • Marjolein Verheyen - Belgian engineer.
  • Aleksandar Vukovic - seems to be at the same administrative level as Ragnar, potentially major. Went by the pseudonym Vukasin Pavlevic in Copenhagen. Deceased.