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Darra Adam Khel
Country Pakistan
Language(s) Urdu, English, Pashto
Population Appx. 2000 families
Timezone PST +12
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Darra Adam Kehl is a town in the northwest of Pakistan inhabited by Pashtuns of the Afridi tribe the Adam Khel. It consists entirely of an arms market overseen by Malik Hakem.

Major Events[]

  • Malik Hakem employs the services of Jeremy Pratt to obtain a set of Russian missile codes. Attempts to auction off said codes to the highest bidder are thwarted by X-Factor agents in October 2009.

Major Locations[]

  • The Arms Market - Making up almost the entirety of the town, the arms market is a long stretch of road where guns are handcrafted and sold.
  • Malik Hakem's Mansion - Set a few miles apart from the arms market, Malik's mansion is a substantial property of suitable luxury for a drug lord.

Major Organizations[]

Major People[]

  • Malik Hakem - The veritable King of Darra. In charge of the arms market as well as a substantial heroin trade.
  • Salim Habib - Malik's son-in-law and right-hand man.
  • Hamza Ghalib Malik - Malik's son who has fallen out of favor in the past year. Helps to run the arms market.

Plots & Missions[]