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David Memphis
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth February 16, 1954
Height 5'11"
Hair Dark, salt and pepper
Eyes Blue
Skin Caucasian
Affiliation Werner Group Pharmaceuticals; Friends of Humanity
Rank Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations

David Memphis is a native Atlantan and the Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations for Werner Group Pharmaceuticals. He is also a public, if quiet, member of the Friends of Humanity and heads the Atlanta chapter.


Personable and well-liked, encouraging toward employees and mentor-based attitude toward many Friends members.

Known Associations[]

Werner Group Pharmaceuticals[]

David has worked for the Werner Group for 18 years, and has been their Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations for the past 6.

Friends of Humanity[]

David currently serves as the public face of Atlanta's Friends group, and has since 2004. Publicly, he speaks about the need for proper controls and legislation, the concerns for safety, and the possibility that science could play a role in creating and maintaining what he refers to as a 'level playing field'.

Privately, he has requested that Phillip James provide positive IDs (through the use of QuikID) on roughly a dozen suspected mutants between April and June 2010. He has been seen meeting with Dr. Jaeger.

Known Skills[]


Known History[]

  • Grew up in Atlanta
  • Attended Harvard and earned his MBA in 1970
  • Married his wife, Alicia, in 1973. Two children, Ryan (1976) and Angela (1978).
  • Worked in a number of Atlanta companies before joining Werner Group Pharmaceuticals in 1991
  • Steady professional growth and promotion, promoted to Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations in 2003
  • Joined the Friends of Humanity at some unknown date - became publically involved in 2004, when he was named the president of the Atlanta chapter
  • Clean legal record save for a sprinkling of driving citations
  • Found to be funding a secret project codenamed Dandelion, designed to manipulate an influenza strain to be particularly deadly to mutants. Apprehended by X-Factor on June 11, 2010. After questioning, handed over to federal custody.

Mentions & Sightings[]