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David Sedgwick
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth January 19, 1962
Height 5'8"
Hair Thinning, receding and sandy-brown
Eyes Grey
Skin Fair
Affiliation X-Factor
Rank Management

David Sedgwick is a member of X-Factor Management.


Sedgwick usually seems reserved, often inclined to irony and a brittle kind of sarcasm. He has the general aura of a long-suffering bureaucrat. What he is suffering is not entirely clear; at the moment, however, it is probably X-Factor.

Known Associations[]

Known Skills[]

Known History[]

Sedgwick has spent a long career being thorough and detail-oriented behind a long series of CIA desks. His educational background is in administration and logistics, and it is these skills he has applied throughout the course of his work.

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