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Detroit - Giacomo De Luca
Date March 10th - 11th, 2010
Team Lead Terry
Team Amber
Location(s) Detroit
Link Communication
GM Rosalind

Giacomo De Luca was the name of one of Michael Debauer's cover identities assumed while a member of Remaal al-Sahra. He had been involved in racketeering in Detroit with the Italian mafia. Terry was assigned by Jean-Paul to investigate.


  • Terry and Amber meet with two of the officers on the case for donuts.

Important Evidence[]

  • De Luca's criminal records indicate that the informant in the case was likely Silvio Constantini.
  • The recording used was unusually sophisticated. The cops believe it was part of a crime war between two mafia families.
  • The cops believe that De Luca had been involved in several prior racketeering cases, but he was unwilling to plea bargain.