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Dirty Money
Date April 1-14, 2010
Team Lead Xen Brandt
Team Intelligence, Remy LeBeau, Terry Cassidy
Location(s) Panama, Oregon, California
Link Money
GM Titania

Financial leads discovered in Dmitri Alexeyev's files lead to a bank in Panama, where Burro Shipping's cash flow is laundered through a series of front organizations.


  • Dmitri's files are retrieved following the events of By Any Other Name. They reveal 14 accounts in 11 cities that were used as deposit points for client funds.
  • Funds were traced out of the account to four front organizations operated under various names.
  • Xen sent Isabel and Aydan to Oregon to check on the fronts located there. The locations were fake addresses, as was the Campell, CA location.
  • Xen sent a team to investigate the Saratoga, CA campus and interrupt a meeting between Martin Soto, Chad Shyrock, and Tom Black. Martin and Chad are captured while Tom escapes via the roof.
  • Martin and Chad are interrogated and turned over to the authorities with enough evidence to convict them of fraud and laundering charges.

Important Evidence[]

  • Bank Accounts Supplied by Dmitri Alexeyev:
2 in Vladivostok, Russia - Primorye Bank
2 in Hong Kong, China - Bank of China (Hong Kong)
1 in Nice, France - Banque Transatlantique
1 in Caracas, Venezuela - Banco de Venezuela
1 in Alexandria, Egypt - National Bank of Egypt
1 in Algiers, Algeria - Algerian International Bank
1 in Los Angeles, USA - US Bank
2 in Mexico City, Mexico - HSBC Mexico
1 in Cape Town, South Africa - Standard Bank of South Africa
1 in Haifa, Israel - Bank Hapoalim
1 in New York City, USA - Bank of America
  • Business Fronts
Professional Translating Services (PTS), Portland, OR
CEO: Chad Shyrock
TechnoLogic, Saratoga, CA
CEO: Tom Black
Business Impressions, Campell, CA
CEO: Martin Soto
Working Designs, Hillsboro, OR
CEO: Martin Shystone


  • Martin Soto
Lead of the money laundering operation. Kind of short and fat. Long history of embezzlement and fraud schemes.
  • Chad Shyrock
Tall and skinny. Has been in and out of prison on laundering and embezzlement schemes. Was involved with Tom Black in a confidence scheme in San Francisco before his imprisonment.
  • Tom Black
Was brought in by Chad Shyrock for his confidence skills after his release in December.


Saratoga, CA