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Dmitri Sergeyevich Alexeyev
Gender Male
Age 34
Birth October 24, 1975
Height 5'9"ish
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Fair
Affiliation Burro Shipping (former), Central Intelligence Agency

Dmitri came to X-Factor awareness as the logistical brains of the smuggling ring known as Burro Shipping. He was willing to pass along information for a price, whether that information was on Remaal al-Sahra or his fellow smugglers. As a result of the mission By Any Other Name in which others in the Burro Shipping organization kidnapped students from Xavier's School for the Gifted, leading to a combined X-Factor and X-Men strike, Dmitri is now in Federal custody informant for the CIA.


  • Intelligent and highly organized
  • Slippery, sardonic, sensualist
  • Extremely self-interested and inclined to paranoia; keeps a large stockpile of necessities in his basement, apparently for fending off impending apocalypses.

Known Associations[]

Known Skills[]

  • Multi-lingual. Fluent in Russian, English, and French as well as some comprehension of Arabic.
  • Talent with money.

Known History[]

Mentions & Sightings[]

  • First sighted in Vladivostok at the smuggling offices: Jean-Paul and Illyana.
  • Second sighting in Vladivostok at his residence: Jean-Paul and Kelsey.
  • Later contact via email: Jean-Paul.
  • Contacted by Jean-Paul during By Any Other Name for information on the kidnapped students. Agreed to provide information in exchange for safety. Later turned over into Federal custody.
  • Surprised Illyana and Isabel when he turned out to be their Russian mob contact Alexei Meredev in From Russia With Love.