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Driving is about driving. Duh.



  • Precision Driving
Must be certified in: Precision Driving
Outside coursework is accepted along with training on base. However all those seeking this certification must pass a driving test that is approved by the current Driving area head.
  • Motorcycle
Must be certified in: Motorcycle

General Rules & Guidelines[]

  • For most of us, physics do apply. Keep that in mind.
  • There is training and then there is just being stupid. Don't be stupid. This is not The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • It's your neck.
  • Do not purposefully make things any harder for those working in the garage then necessary. They are busy enough as is.
  • You are expected to know how to drive regardless of certifications. You are also expected to know how to breathe.


If any agent's actions with non-personal vehicles is deemed to be unjustifiably reckless or abusive to the vehicles it will be recommended to those in the garage not to allow said agent to check out vehicles until that person undergoes and passes an evaluation process to determine if they are to be trusted with XF property again. Said evaluation process will be tailored to the agent based on the nature of their infraction.