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Durante Ulrich Donal Eads
Codename: Scryer
Joined July 10th, 2009
Departed January 14, 2012
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth February 5th, 1981
Mutation Scrying
Height 6'1"
Hair Light Brown (with blondish highlights if you want to get picky)
Eyes Blue
Associations X-Factor
Communication To/From Regarding

Dante Eads is an X-Factor agent. A former member of the Atlanta Police Department, Dante was recruited around the time he was working as a fitness instructor for Southside Fitness, also located in Atlanta.

He has since left X-Factor to become a Humane Law Enforcement Officer.


  • Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Police training at Atlanta Police Academy


  • Atlanta Police Department Atlanta, GA 2004 - 2006
  • Southside Fitness Gym Atlanta, GA - 2006-2009


  • Robert Eads - Family practice Lawyer, resides in Atlanta. DOB: 1948
  • Sandra Eads - Social Service worker, Deceased. DOB: April 12, 1952 DOD:February 5, 1981
  • No siblings

Notable Public Information[]


'Scrying' - The ability to take a handheld object, charge it, and use the object as a surveilance medium for a time period determined by the amount of time spent charging the object. Previous usage indicates a maximum surveilance time of a week.


Background in Criminal Justice and Atlanta law, understanding of basic health and fitness practices, basic understanding of household maintenance, displayed uncanny accuracy with spitballs

Personality Profile[]

Although reasonably well adjusted at the time of recruitment, he has occasional bouts of saying things that may not be politically appropriate. Occasionally irrritable, sometimes quite blunt with his words with certain situations. Has a bit of a protective mindset when it comes to others and appears to take particular interest in watching over those who are unable to take care of themselves.


In Progress[]



  • Known to have been in a relationship with Brielle during her time away from X-Factor.
  • During the powerswap incident, ended up in Rus with his dog for the duration of a week.
  • Injuries sustained during Mistaken Identities: Linear skull fracture, concussion, and broken toe.

Mission History[]