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Faustine Edwards
Joined July 31, 2011
Gender Female
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Birth December 27
Mutation Mutation
Height 5'4"
Hair Cropped
Eyes Dark Brown
Skin unknown
Markings Two gills on each side of her throat, extending from ear to Adam's apple. Her skin is actually tiny scales.
Associations Former CIA
Communication To/From Regarding

Support Staff[]

Supports X-Factor through work in:


  • Bachelors and Masters from MIT (1994-2000)


  • CIA: Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T) (2000-2011)
  • Independent technology contracts and patent applications. (April-June, 2011)


  • Lucrezia Desiree Edwards, 33. (sister)

Notable Public Information[]

  • Dismissed from her job at the DS&T following the cyber attack on Lockheed Martin in May, 2011.
  • She has filed a number of patents, both for experimental and finished work, with the United States Department of Commerce.


Faust's body is akin to that of a fish: possessing a collective physical and physiological mutation that allows her to move rapidly and efficiently in water. With miniscule scales in the place of skin, a physique designed for fluidity, excellent low-light vision, long gills that capably function as lungs in the water, she has an increased metabolic rate to handle the higher needs for the conversion of water into oxygen and a exacerbated rate of dehydration out of the water.

In the water she can reach sustained speeds of up to 35 mph, maintaining it for about an hour before exhausted. She naturally prefers to swim for longer at speeds nearer to 15/10 mph, being more of a distance creature. However, not unlike a fish darting away from a larger predator (or after prey), Faust can briefly reach a speed of 40 mph for a short sprint of no longer than 3 minutes.

Once her gills are fully submerged, her natural lungs close off (after she exhales the air from them) and all breathing is rerouted through her gills. The motion of oxygenation is just like a fish: water comes in through the mouth and is released through the gills. Her gills sit along the sides of her throat, beginning just beneath the ear and curving in a long arc to end an inch out from the Adam’s apple. The gills have slightly ruffled edges when extended in exhalation. Faustine cannot drown.

Her body is covered in a layer of thin, delicate scales and is nearly hairless in place of skin, making physical contact unsettling for the unsuspecting: with tactile, supple and alien scales found in the place of delicate skin. Although the scales are nearly invisible when dry (if you place a magnifying glass or a microscope over her arm you'd be able to see the irregular segmentation), they plainly visible when her skin is wet and possess a distinctly pearly sheen. The scales appear in the dimondesque pattern of fish scales in the same dark hue of her skin, shimmering beneath the moisture. The sheen dulls and fades back into obscurity once the scales are dry.


Personality Profile[]