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Grace Ann Cereza Dimalanta
Codename: Sparrow
Joined September 19, 2010
Gender Female
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Birth January 09, 1977
Mutation Telepathy
Height 5'3"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Associations FBI
Communication To/From Regarding

Grace is a former FBI agent, with a background in profiling and criminal psychology. She is a telepath, with a fairly weak secondary empathic ability. She joined X-Factor in September of 2010.


  • Bachelor's in Psychology from John Jay College.
  • Master's in Criminal Psychology from John Jay College.


  • Two years as a Forensic Psychology consultant.
  • Six years as a Special Agent with the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division.


  • John Dimalanta: Father, 62. Pharmaceutical researcher living in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Amalia Dimalanta: Mother, deceased.
  • Caroline Shepherd: Sister, 37. Marketing professional living in NYC, NY. Married with two children.

Notable Public Information[]


Telepathy, with an outer range of 80m and an optimal range of within 25m. Her mutation favours the receptive over the projective, and her experience follows suit. Grace also has a minor talent for empathy, with a maximum range of 25m. Her capability in this arena is primarily receptive.


Grace is trained as an investigator and profiler. She is highly skilled in behavioural analysis, and her academic background lends itself well to research. She is proficient in physical investigation, and in remote surveillance.

She has roughly 13 years of training in aikido.

Personality Profile[]

Grace is steady and reliable, and strives to make herself an agreeable presence. Her progress through a task tends to be thoughtful and meticulous, rather than flashy. She functions well as a member of a team, and seems disinclined to strike off on her own to the detriment of a group in which she holds membership. Her sense of ethics and justice is well-defined, and while she is willing to discuss this, she seems to have some difficulty shifting her opinions in this spectrum.



In Progress

  • Basic Stealth



Grace is allergic to strawberries.

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