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Gravity Smugglers
Date Jan 4-17, 2010
Team Lead Amber
Team Isabel, Nadia, Xen, Terry, Dante, Remy
Location(s) Seattle, Washington
Link Communication

Former agent Zenith requests help dealing with smugglers blackmailing her through her sister and niece to help them fudge their shipments. Agents rescue the kidnapped niece and try to prevent Zenith from being killed.


  • X-Factor stakes out the shipping yard and observes a meeting between Zenith and three of her blackmailers. They seem agitated and nearly catch on to the team's presence in the yard.
  • Briana Jackson disappears from the church nursery.
  • The team visits Zenith's sister, Carrie Jackson, for information on Briana's abduction.
  • The team visits the church in search of clues, and while there discovers an abandoned baby doll with its insides removed and a traffic camera which captures footage of a car leaving mid-service. A witness says a man named Ben Schwartz left the service with a crying baby.
  • The team visits Schwartz's house, only to be caught on their way in by a motion detector. They plant several of Dante's 'bugs' and leave. These bugs turn up a conversation between several men which reveal that something is buried in the backyard and that they plan to abandon the house. Digging reveals the body of poor Ben Schwartz, who's been dead several days.
  • The baby is found using Amber's abilities to locate its mutant aura, and rescued.
  • Zenith is scheduled to meet with her blackmailers about a 'special' shipment. The team observes this meeting, during which Silvio Constantini and Military Doe were sighted. The men pull a gun on Zenith, and the team moves to secure her safety. Siryn calls in the local SWAT team for backup. Zenith is shot, and all of the blackmailers are caught and turned over to the authorities.

Important Evidence[]

  • The shipping containers Zenith saw had a donkey logo, making the team suspect a relation to Burro Shipping.
  • The shipping containers for Zenith's 'special delivery' were empty, suggesting that they may have known of X-Factor's involvement.


  • Zoe McMillan - A former X-Factor member with the ability to control gravity, Zenith turned to X-Factor when she found herself in trouble.
  • Carrie Jackson - Zenith's sister
  • Briana Jackson - Zenith's niece