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Green Goblin
Date July 14 - 21, 2009
Team Lead Parker
Team Amadeus, Harrison, Julian
Location(s) New York, NY
Link Communication
GM Viola

Agents are sent to investigate the theft of a glider and suit prototype from Osborn Enterprises in New York. They discover that it was stolen by none other than Norman Osborn, Founder and CEO of Oscorp.


  • Agents speak to security personnel at the Oscorp facilities from which the prototype was stolen. They find there is little to no evidence of a break-in.
  • While agents are there, the assumed thief of the prototype arrives on the stolen equipment and attacks the Oscorp facilities with explosives. Agents retaliate, but fail to capture the terrorists.
  • Agents intercept the terrorist arming the George Washington Bridge with explosives. They capture him and discover him to be Norman Osborn.

Important Evidence[]



  • Norman Osborn - Founder and CEO of Osborn Enterprises. Discovered to be the terrorist who stole the glider and suit prototypes.


  • Harry Osborn - Norman's son. Provided intelligence to Parker during the mission.