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Dr. Hank McCoy
Codename: Beast
Joined July 25, 2009
Departed Feb 20, 2010
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth January 27
Mutation Physical mutation, healing, strength, senses.
Height 5'11
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Skin unknown
Markings He's covered in blue fur.
Associations Xavier's School, X-Men
Communication To/From Regarding

Dr. Hank McCoy is a well-educated teacher from Xavier's School for the Gifted who briefly became an X-Factor agent before leaving to return to the school.


  • Becomes member of first class of students at Xavier's School in 1984.
  • B.S. Harvard, M.D. Johns Hopkins, PhD. in Biochemistry, Stanford


Enhanced strength, reflexes, athletic ability, sense of smell, and night-sight. Plus mild healing factor and physical mutations of blue fur, claws, fangs and simian build.


Basic training in hand-to-hand and martial arts. Biochemistry research. Medicine, general practice. Fluency in Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

Personality Profile[]

Genius level intelligence with a highly developed moral center. Holds privacy and courtesy paramount, but retains some embarrassment and self-doubt concerning his physical appearance. Personal identity fractured by relatively recent introduction of violent animal instincts.


  • Basic Fitness
  • Advanced Fitness
  • Self Defense
  • Unarmed Hand-to-Hand
  • Basic Driving
  • Basic Stealth
  • Data
  • Investigation
  • Basic Field Medicine
  • Advanced Field Medicine
  • Licensed Professional
  • Language: French, Spanish, German, and Russian



History with Xavier's School, and continued strong ties to the institution. Currently conducting research with professors at UCSF and UCSB in his spare time.

Mission History[]

Pied Piper Returns