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Harrison Douglas Brady
Codename: Sachs
Joined June 2009 / March 2010
Departed December 2009 / June 2011
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth January 31, 1973
Mutation Electrokinesis
Height 6'2"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Medium Caucasian
Markings Two entry and one exit bullet wound scarring through left shoulder. Claw scars over left ribcage.
Communication To/From Regarding

Harrison Brady grew up in Newark, New Jersey. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after graduating high school and worked as a helicopter mechanic. After he completed his contract, he worked as an auto mechanic in Newark. He was recruited to X-Factor in June 2009 and left the organization in December 2009. He later returned in March 2010. Left the organization again in June 2011. He had a great slashy scene with Ilad.


  • High School Diploma
  • Several ASE certifications


  • United States Marine Corps, 1991-1996.
  • Auto shop in Newark, NJ, 1996-2009.


  • Colm Brady: Father. Resides in Newark, NJ, where he works as an auto mechanic.
  • Diana Brady: Mother, died in childbirth.
  • Helen McKenna: Maternal grandmother. Resides in Newark, NJ.
  • Brian McKenna: Maternal grandfather, died of natural causes in 2002.


Harrison has the power to generate and manipulate electricity. He can create bolts of lighting which can be used as an attack. He can also power (and potentially overload) electrical systems. When dealing with electrical systems, he is able to sketch their form using small electrical pulses. In addition, he generates a small electrical field around him--about two body lengths--which gives him an idea of his surroundings, particularly electrical systems, which he sees very clearly within that area.


Harrison is an excellent auto and helicopter mechanic. He was also in the Marines for five years--which is where he learned the latter of those two skills--and possesses the normal skills one would learn in the Marines: handling weaponry (light and heavy), patrolling, defending a position, convoy operations, combat formations, land navigation, communications, etc.

Personality Profile[]

Notably brusque and withdrawn, but with a strong sense of personal loyalty to those he manages to befriend. Very practically-minded with great intelligence for mechanics and electrics, but little capacity for book smarts. Has a tendency towards crass and crude behavior and an occasional sense of divisive resentment towards those who are more intellectually-minded. Though often harsh and even mean towards others, there are certain aspects of his moral code that are fairly rigid, if less often seen.


  • Basic Fitness
  • Basic Firearms
  • Heavy Weaponry
  • Self-Defense
  • Basic Driving
  • Basic Wilderness Survival
  • Basic Field Medicine
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Auto Repair
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Licensed Professional (Mechanical) (ASE)

In Progress[]

  • Unarmed Hand-to-Hand
  • Advanced Driving


  • Mechanics (Area Head)
  • Heavy Weaponry
  • Guard Duty

Mission History[]