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Date May 23 - 29 2010
Team Lead Nadia
Team Alden, Illyana, Kelsey, Tom
Location(s) New York City
Link Communication
GM Jean-Paul

When Carpenter receives word that unknown criminals are planning a theft at the Shaw Research Center, where sensitive research is being done by Dr. Bahir al-Razi, among others, he dispatches a team to thwart the theft. They uncover the would-be thieves as a group of mutants connected to Sanctuary, led by one man who got the idea from another friend, though his identity was never uncovered. The mutants involved were arrested and jailed.


  • Kelsey and Illyana speak to the NYPD about the initial tip-off, as well as discuss what the police know about the protestors.
  • Nadia and Alden look into security at the Shaw Research Center, both physical and electronic and Bahir's lab.
  • Kelsey, Illyana, and Nadia visit Stvol's to try and gather any intel on plans to break into SRC.
  • Tom and Nadia drink bad Denny's coffee while Tom mind-skims the conspirator working there.
  • Kelsey and Alden rabblerabble at mutant-hotspot Sanctuary to attract notice of conspirators. Kelsey attracts too much :(, but Alden gets hit up for contact information.
  • New Guy from Sanctuary contacts Alden to set up meet.
  • Alden attends meet, with Kelsey and Illyana as close-by backup, Tom monitoring telepathically + Nadia on electronics. Do not get anything useful on tape, but sucessfully bust the group and take all members into custody.
  • After tepe interrogation by Tom, the men are handed over to the Feds.

Important Evidence[]

  • The tip-off was received by an NYPD informant who runs in smuggling circles by the docks. Late Thursday/early Friday, he heard a group talking about the SRC and a big job of some sort. They were talking at a place called Stvol's.
  • One party involved in the planned SRC heist was spotted at Stvol's, and Nadia pulled a few vague images of his co-conspirators. They have their sneaky plans at Denny's.
  • From the guy at Denny's: these are not anti-mutant protesters, these are disaffected mutants hoping to do something ... big. Tom is able to gather that they recruit from the mutant-friendly coffee shop Sanctuary, as well as names and faces of some of the small group already involved.
  • From Tom digging after capture: the idea came from [Brainy Guy], who got the idea from A Good Friend ... whose identity is strangely vague in his memory. Huh.



  • Bahir