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Henry Richards
Gender Male
Rank President of the United States

Henry Richards was the Vice President of the United States of America until President Lowe was assassinated. He took office as President in October, 2006 and left office in January 2009.

Known History[]

Sworn in on October 25, 2006 after Roger Lowe was declared dead, Richards was a more subdued President. He attempted to bring a conciliatory slant to politics, however often found his hands tied by an increasingly pro-registration Congress.

In late 2006, Richards publicly expressed sympathy for the unauthorized raid on Xavier's School and hinted that the government has a history of cooperating with mutants in the fight against terrorism, raising much suspicion and controversy. His activities and comments on the subject of mutants continued in a similar vein, creating what some called a pro-mutant agenda and others called a simple lack of cohesive mutant policy and a 'soft-on-terror' approach that came to a head when he pardoned the terrorist Magneto in the fall of 2008 after the successful Pegasus mission.

In November of 2008, Richards was soundly defeated by John Stockton.