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Home to Roost
Date Sep 5 - 12, 2009
Team Lead Kelsey
Team Sal, Natalie, Andrew
Location(s) Xavier's School
Link Communication
GM Viola

Xavier's School contacts X-Factor to inform them of a recent break-in and information theft. Agents investigate and track down the culprits, a group of young mutants who were victims of the Piper abductions, and apprehend one of them: a dreamweaver named Gregor.


  • A chat with Jean Grey and Ororo Munroe reveals what the intruders retrieved: information about the resources of the X-Men, such as specs on the Blackbird and et cetera. Information about Xavier's alumni and their current (or most recent) addresses, including the contact information of the Xavier's alumni working at Titan Enterprises. One or two of the files accessed allude to the existence of a secret mutant group based in California with contacts both with the X-Men and in government, but without specifics.
  • Natalie sets up to ghost in the conference room and discovers a group of three. They include a tall and solidly built with buzzed-short auburn hair, who phases into the room first, a young man with brown skin, brown hair, brown eyes, and a blonde, freckled woman. One of them is clearly a teleporter. The blonde works easily at the computer. The brown-skinned man speaks Czech with an Australian accent, saying "Príští zastávka, Alphabet City?"
  • A visit and casing of Alphabet City in New York City reveals locals who have seen the trio at a Radio Shack and a particular bar.
  • The team stakes out the bar. There they see the previous three mutants, as well as a dark-skinned woman who appears to cause an earthquake and a pale, dark-haired man. The speedster, who is confirmed as the blonde Chaz see in Cat in the Box, appears to be in charge. They became aware of the team's presence and left through various means, but one, Gregor Novotny, was captured.

Important Evidence[]