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Hunting Hojas
Date 08, 18, 2011
Team Lead Madrox
Team Kestrel, Meredith
Location(s) Washington DC
Link Communication
GM Titania

Remaal al-Sahra communication protocols point to an upcoming meeting with "newly arrived supporters" in the Amsterdam Falafelshop. A team is sent to investigate. At the shop, they identify Silvio Constantini and two of Los Hojas, as well as collect a means of contact for the hojas and some evidence in the form of a snot-filled napkin, which unfortunately proved encoded and too scant to decipher.

As yet, there has been no attempt by the hojas to contact Hoja, but it remains a potential.


  • August 18
  • August 19
    • The team spends time watching the falafel shop until a dark haired man and a pair of people appear to quietly exchange a napkin and the dark haired man walks off.
    • Kestrel follows the dark haired man and eventually loses him amid all the many taxis of the city, but not before positively identifying him as Silvio Constantini.
    • Meredith goes into the shop and talks to the pair left behind, who are a couple of Los Hojas following Al-Sahra protocols. They do not immediately believe Meredith's story that she is trying to rejoin al-Sahra, but give her a way to stay in contact with them.
    • Madrox follows the two hojas from the shop and collects the napkin the got from Silvio from the trash. It is taken back to base to be analyzed.

Important Evidence[]