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Icy Arrivals
Date August, 13-14, 2011
Team Lead Jack Harper
Team Ilad, Terry, Iago
Location(s) Near Resolute, NVT, Canada
Casualties Casualties*
Link Communication
GM Remy

After an anomaly is detected that suggests a portal has opened in the High Arctic, a small team of X-Factor agents is dispatched to investigate, and discover Captain Steve Rogers as the sole survivor of a plane crash that left only part of a plane behind. When al-Sahra forces move in to retrieve him, a pitched battle results in the capture of Hugh Ponting.


  • August 13
    • X-Factor receives information that a signature consistent with dimensional portal activity has been detected in the arctic. A team is ordered to investigate.
    • In the arctic, the team finds an old plane cockpit containing a dead Nazi pilot as well as some modern surveillance equipment in the area. Following some footsteps in the snow, the find a man in a cave who identifies himself as Captain Steve Rogers.
    • When a blizzard blows in, the team is forced to bunker down in the cave until it passes. The take the time to do what research they can and talk to Captain Rogers, discovering he is a war hero from World War II.
  • August 14
    • The blizzard clears up early morning on the 14th, but departure is delayed by the arrival of a five-person Al-Sahra team led by Hugh Ponting.
    • X-Factor subdues the enemy agents and captures Ponting. There is minimal damage to the X-Factor agents, and one fatality and one serious injury amongst the al-Sahra forces.

Important Evidence[]

Evidence of long-term importance (IE, it will be relevant beyond this mission), such as ID'ing new al-Sahra agents or locations.



  • Steve Rogers — A Captain who fought for the United States Army in World War II. He was a war hero and heavily featured in U.S. propaganda. Declared KIA in April, 1945. Reappeared in the arctic circle in August, 2011.
  • Hugh Ponting — One of the people majorly involved with Al-Sahra, he has been seen and mentioned in many of their activities.