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Jack Be Nimble
Date September 25, 2011 to October 2, 2011
Team Lead Richard Rider
Team Peter Quill, Remy LeBeau, Jamie Madrox, Illyana Rasputin
Location(s) New York City; Comstock, New York
Link Communication
GM Sao & Tez

News of increased interest by Stagram & Wolf in the case of Ellen Dramstadt and getting her transfered from Death Row alerts X-Factor interest. After infiltrating the Great Meadows Correctional Facility she is being held at, they foil an attempt to free her and several other mutants. Interrogation reveals the group was working for Stagram & Wolf at the behest of a mystery client.


Sunday, September 25

  • Team acquires Stagram & Wolf lawyer names from prison.
  • Remy and Madrox receive intel on Stagram & Wolf's prison clients from Lana's (S&W lawyer) apartment.

Monday, September 26

  • Team infiltrates the prison. Peter, Illyana, and Remy as prisoners, Madrox and Richard as guards.

Tuesday, September 27

  • As observed by as-guard infiltrators, both Ellen and Jack are taken aside by Lana after lawyer negotiations. Jack seems troubled, Ellen resolved.

Wednesday, September 28

  • Remy discovers from Crowser that S&W are seeking to transfer imprisoned mutants with physical disabilities elsewhere.
  • Peter discovers from Jack that he is innocent (!!) and thinks there's going to be a prison break.

Thursday, September 29

  • A Madrox attempts to infiltrate Lana and - fails. Madrox, Richard, and Illyana rescue him and grab Lana. Madrox and Richard beat back S&W "facilities employees" afterward and grab them, too.

Friday, September 30

  • Peter discovers from Jack that the prison break will involve taking out the generators. Material from Lana's hotel room in addition confirms this will be a two pronged attack.

Saturday, October 1

  • Bad guys manage to take out the generators, and there's a giant mess, but our heroes manage to nab all the prison break perpetrators and bring down Ellen - after she's healed Jack.

Important Evidence[]




  • Jack Harrison: One of the inmates targeted by Lana and her group. Convicted of incitement to riot, assault on an officer, armed robbery, conspiracy. 5 years. CMRA registered superhuman strength. Remembered by Richard, who was on the ESU team that put him away. Except oops he was innocent.
  • Charles Crowser: Convicted of trafficking, assault on an officer, and robbery. 10 years. CMRA registered dematerializer. Old associate of Remy's.
  • Tara Sheath: Convicted of arson, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Life sentence. CMRA registered acid generator.


  • New York City
  • Great Meadows Correctional Facility, Comstock, New York