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Jacob Slyvester Edwards
Codename: DONUT
Joined 08/24/2011
Gender Male
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Birth Birthdate
Mutation Hyper-Reflexes
Height 6'2"
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Associations US Army, CIA
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Jacob Edwards was a career military man, having served in the US Army and later in the CIA Special Activities Division. He was dismissed with the registration act, since then he has been working whatever secruity work he can get. At least until he was recruited by X-Factor.


BA Psychology and Science (West Point Military Academy 1999)


  • US Army 8th Infantry
  • US Army Special Forces
  • 1st SFOD-D
  • Various private sector security


Notable Public Information[]


Jacob's powers represent primarily as hyper reflexes. His nervous system and even his mind work much faster than humanly possible. When in a passive state this shows little real benefits, mainly Jacob show increased observational skills, since he's able to process more of the sensory input in the same amount of time. When it comes to his active response time however his reflexes show as off the chart, his hand eye coordination is good yet well within human limits, what's remarkable however is the speed with which this functions. Jacob's able to safely catch slower moving projectiles such as thrown knives or even arrows with little effort, his hand speed is quick enough that he can move faster than the human eye can register.

Yet there are limits and draw backs to his bodies speed. Firstly such feats burn an incredible amount of energy more than a couple of minutes of such speed and he begins to suffer from shakes, dizziness and can even pass out. Also his metabolism is drastically higher than others, he needs to eat and drink roughly twice as much as others to function. Drugs burn through his system at about twice the usual speed, good when someone's drugged him, not so good where pain killers and medications are concerned. The same goes for poisons, if he's poisoned the poison is just as effective and gets results in half the time.


Gymnastics and martial arts

Personality Profile[]

Jacob's become very good at compartmentalizing his life. He's generally warm approachable and well mannered. He's learnt to enjoy life when he's got the time. Yet when he's working Jacob's able to put this aside. He focuses completely on getting his job done, he can be cold, manipulative and even violent when he thinks it's best for the mission.




Mission History[]