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Kyoko Jane Takahashi
Codename: Cobweb
Joined Aug 26, 2009
Departed Feb 20, 2010
Gender Female
Age format=y}}
Birth December 2nd
Mutation Physical mutations, poison.
Height 5'2
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin unknown
Communication To/From Regarding

Kyoko Jane Takahashi is a mechanic from Brooklyn who was recruited into X-Factor in August of 2009 based on her skills and her registration in the MRA Database. She left to pursue further training in February of 2010.


New York Automotive & Diesel Institute, certified automotive repair technician.


Jane has developed several physical mutations. First and most significantly, there is a small, hard gland at the roof of her mouth that she can use to excrete a poison. This poison is most effective when administered directly to the bloodstream through the application of her elongated canines. (She has fangs. Charming, feminine fangs.) She can control the effect of the poison on her victims by limiting its dosage. At its least effective and least intense dosage, it causes dizziness or light-headedness and vertigo (possibly nausea in the weak of stomach). At its most concentrated, it is strong enough to cause organ failure in human victims. A middling dose results in unconsciousness and a nasty headache on awakening. She also has small spidery hooks that have grown on each of her fingertips and also on the tips of her toes. They lend her the ability to hook in and grip onto things, giving her a climbing advantage, and also can potentially hook into other things and make it very hard to get her to let go.

She is limited in how much poison she can generate on a daily basis by the metabolic processes through which the poison is created. She /can/ generate poison and spit it out, for example to linger on physical objects in her vicinity in a sticky, slimy sort of mess. However, its effectiveness is drastically reduced, and unless it is ingested and actually ended up in someone's bloodstream, it would have no effect at all. She has an incidental immunity to her own poison, although if she ends up swallowing too much of it she will become ill and have to vomit -- probably psychosomatically as much as for any other reason.


Personality Profile[]

Talkative, energetic and social, Jane is a high energy and high enthusiasm worker. Potentially flighty, but resourceful and clever. Some intimacy issues with long-term social relationships.


  • Basic Fitness
  • Basic Driving
  • Self-Defense
  • Language: Japanese
  • Auto Repair
  • Licensed Professional (ASE Automobile)



Jane has a tarantula named Lady who did once escape on base.

Mission History[]

Night at the Roxbury (Mini)

Scenic Limbo