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Kelsey Anne MacDougall
Codename: Calliope
Joined May 2009
Gender Female
Age 26
Birth November 5, 1983
Death September 5, 2010
Mutation Psionic Omnilinguism
Height 5'8"
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Skin Fair
Markings Freckles
Associations Xavier's School, MI6
Communication To/From Regarding

Kelsey MacDougall was a psionic omnilinguist born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, before her family moved to London in 1996. She attended her sophomore through senior years of high school at the Xavier's School and went on to work as a language specialist in MI6 after graduating from Leeds University in 2007. She was recruited to X-Factor in May of 2009 during the Hotel Colorado mission and killed on September 5th, 2010 during the Danish Run mission, after first shooting one of Remaal al-Sahra's scientists to death.


  • Xavier's School from Fall 1998 to graduation in Spring 2001
  • BA - Arabic and Chinese (Leeds University, 2007)


  • MI6 language specialist, 2007-2009.


  • Both parents killed in a car accident in Paris in June 1999.
  • Her mother's sister became her legal guardian. She currently resides in Leeds, England.
  • Several cousins from her aunt's marriage (now divorced) and other extended family.


Kelsey was a psionic omnilinguist, which allowed her to speak, read, and comprehend any language when in the presence of someone who knew it. Her fluency was limited to the possessor of the language. She could also replicate accents of all languages (including English) with perfect accuracy.

She was able to retain languages after a significant amount of exposure. Depending on the intensity of use, she could retain from anywhere between one to six months. At this time of her death, she had retained German, French, and Russian in this manner. Reading retention occurred in about half the time as speaking and comprehension: through mutation use, she was able to read in German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.

Because her mind was naturally programmed to deal with language, Kelsey was also able to learn language traditionally at a much faster rate.


Kelsey could speak fluent Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), French, German, Russian, and several dialects of Arabic. She had taken approximately ten years of hand-to-hand training with a focus on kickboxing and had basic firearms training. She worked for MI6 as a top language specialist for three years and had finely honed translation and analysis skills.

Personality Profile[]

Intelligent, discerning, and observant, with particular strengths in communication. Particular compassion for those she considered friends and allies was tempered by a strong sense of pragmatism in regards to enemies and collateral. Some anger issues remained as a result of childhood trauma. However, most noted for being cool under pressure.


  • Basic Fitness
  • Basic Driving
  • Basic Firearms
  • Self-Defense
  • Unarmed Hand-to-Hand
  • Data Analysis
  • Language (French, German, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian)


  • Language (Area Head)
  • Data Analysis
  • Unarmed Hand-to-Hand


The psionic nature of her power made Kelsey's mind stick out amongst flatscans.

Mission History[]