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Kestrel Lynn Jones
Codename: Hitchcock
Joined March 15, 2010
Gender Female
Age format=y}}
Birth June 3
Mutation Metamorph
Height 5'8
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Light brown
Markings Scarring on shoulder from GSW.
Associations X-Factor
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Kestrel Jones is an experienced private investigator from Los Angeles with the ability to transform into a crow who joined X-Factor in March of 2010.


AA in Criminal Justice.


  • Administrative Assistant, Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Hitchcock Investigations


  • Mother, Keisha Jones, is an RN and lives in the Los Angeles area.
  • Father, Steven Campbell, is deceased. Former PI.

Notable Public Information[]


Kestrel is a metamorph with the ability to transform into an American crow. The transformation is a somewhat painful process for her that takes up to thirty seconds, and she does not have the ability to transform items with her (her clothing, for instance, will be left behind, and transforming from crow into human in front of people is certainly not her favorite pastime). Thanks to her years of practice, she is able to maintain this form for up to twenty-four hours. She is incapable of human speech while an American crow (and incapable of making proper crow vocalizations while a human), although she can understand people easily and does not appear to suffer from any loss of intelligence. The ability to fly comes only from means of locomotion via wings, and she does not retain this ability when a human.


  • Investigations.
  • Knows Angelino-style Spanglish and enough Spanish to be able to get by easily enough in Los Angeles. Not, however, fully fluent.

Personality Profile[]

Kestrel doesn’t generally like to beat around the bush. She’s very up front and can be very opinionated about things, and once she’s made up her mind, it can be difficult to change it without a hell of a lot of facts thrown at her. She’s of a pretty hefty liberal bent, with a few exceptions (capital punishment, gun laws, things like that), and maintains a live-and-let-live policy about most things. She is also not above using her looks and feminine wiles or violence to get her way; its all part of the information game, after all. You use what you can to get what you want. And she will do just about anything to get what she wants, especially when it comes to her work. She is ridiculously tenacious in that regard, to the point that she doesn’t always realize when giving up and cutting her losses might be the better course of action. If she’s ticked off at someone, they should expect the silent treatment for a while.



Guard Duty, Motorcycle (Duty), Surveillance (Duty), Operations


Kestrel has been microchipped.

Also has a thing for sunflower seeds and shiny things.

Mission History[]