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Kevin McAulleach
Gender Male
Age Looks like young 20s
Birth 1995
Mutation Phaser
Height 6'0"
Hair Auburn
Eyes Blue
Skin Medium Caucasian
Affiliation Pied Piper Soldiers

Kevin McAulleach is an Irish phaser and a member of the Pied Piper Soldiers.


He is a cocky little shit, even if he's really not that little. A little bit flippant, a little bit arrogant, he is loyal to those who have earned his respect. He uses charm and a laid back attitude to just about everything as a cover for surprising focus and determination which typically comes through when there isn't someone else to take up the slack.

Known Associations[]

Known Skills[]

  • Extensive combat training from the Pied Piper AU.
  • Can phase at least one other with him at a time. Can also phase inanimate objects in close contact with him.

Known History[]

  • Reported missing in Ireland on January 3, 2009 after being kidnapped by al-Sahra.
  • Goes to Darra. Gets in a fight with Carmen.
  • During the attack on Old Home in Pied Piper Returns, he phases with Harwin into Gregor's cell so the teleporter can escape with him. Upon trying to escape alone, Kev is forced out of phase when Kitty intersects with him, and Kelsey tranquilizes him. He is captured.
  • In captivity, he is held in a drugged state along with his teammate, Shelia Kendrick. Interrogated by Pete, then by Terry, he is released as a gesture of good faith on X-Factor's part.
  • Talks with PPS kids.

Mentions & Sightings[]


Due to the actions of Kitty Pryde it is known that if two phasers try to co-exist in the same space it will cause backlash on them both. This has been used as a measure to stop Kevin before.