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Katherine "Kitty" Pryde
Codename: Shadowcat
Joined April 20, 2009; May 2009
Departed February 25, 2010; October 16, 2010
Gender Female
Age 23
Birth January 16, 1987
Mutation Intangibility
Height 5'4
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Skin Peachy
Associations Xavier's School, X-Men
Communication To/From Regarding

Kitty Pryde is an X-Factor agent who joined the team in April 2009. After leaving for a personal break in February 2010, she re-joined in May of the same year, only to leave once again in October.

A Xavier's graduate, Kitty is a phaser with the ability to walk through walls and other objects, and she possesses significant computing skills.


Transfers to Xavier's School in Spring of 2000, at age 13.

Kitty obtained her Bachelor's degree in computer science through the University of Chicago.



Notable Public Information[]


Kitty has the ability to alter her atoms to allow her to pass through solid obstacles. She can also extend her powers to include other people and objects at will. In this state, she can seemingly walk through air, because of the state of her atoms, allowing her to ascend through ceilings as well. This "phasing" will disrupt any machine or electrical systems that she comes into contact with, so she never carries any electronics on her. She only maintains this state as long as she’s able to hold her breath. Xavier has theorized that if she attempts to pass through an object that is longer than she can hold her breath, the task of taking another breathe will cause her to resubstantiate. She also is affected by the density of what she is phasing through. For example, she can still pass through Wolverine even though he contains adamantium, but is caused pain by this. Sometimes she will be left disoriented after trying to phase through a particularly dense object.


Kitty has developed the ability to work well with computers, mostly in programming but is not incapable when it comes to hardware. She also has some proficiency in self defense.

Personality Profile[]

Generally mature for her age, Kitty tends to think for herself rather than just taking anything at face value. She bonds closely to those people she befriends, but is not unfriendly with others. She is considered a genius at many things, specifically at computers and physics.


  • Basic Fitness
  • Self Defense
  • Basic Driving
  • Basic Firearms
  • Basic Breaking & Entering
  • Basic Stealth
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Security



During her time in X-Factor, Kitty engaged in a romantic relationship with Pete Wisdom.

Mission History[]


Kitty received a strike and a three month suspension on August 3, 2009 for assaulting her fellow agent Christoph Nord upon learning about his former connection with Nazis.