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Country Morocco
Language(s) Arabic
Population 300
Timezone PDT +7 hours (WET)
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Ksar-el-Kbir is a small village in the Middle Atlas Mountains in northeastern Morocco where al-Sahra set up labs for research.

Major Events[]

Major Locations[]

  • al-Sahra lab in the mountains nearby. The roof was partly destroyed during the escape of X-Factor agents and was later rifled through by another team after being abandoned.

Major Organizations[]

  • al-Sahra
    • They were in the process of manufacturing a vaccine for / making a biological weapon out of typhus. It isn't clear which. Their work included a CDC report on typhus fever as a Category B biological weapons agent.
    • Their lab was hastily reconfigured into holding facility following the leak on Algiers.
    • They are no longer active in this area following the break out and rescue of X-Factor agents on January 23, 2010 at the end of The Lion's Den.

Major People[]

  • Carmen is present during the escape from the lab, following X-Factor agents on to the roof only to wind up in a telepathic battle with Tom Sikorski before taking five bullet wounds. She is healed by Alden and moved into the custody of the United States government.

Plots & Missions[]

Captured agents are moved to this location after Michael Debauer tips off al-Sahra about the discovery of their estate in Algiers.
Madrox takes a team back to check the labs.