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Back to Morocco
Date February 2nd, 2010
Team Lead Madrox
Team Illyana, Walter
Location(s) Ksar-el-Kbir
Casualties Casualties*
Link Communication
GM Viola

Assigned by Jean-Paul to investigate the lab in Morocco that the agents broke out of following the events at the conclusion of The Lion's Den mission, Madrox takes a small and checks it out. He finds it largely deserted.


  • Traveled through Rus to arrive in cell shared by Madrox and Illyana.
  • Explored compound: deserted, abandoned.
  • Climbed elevator shaft to ground floor, likewise abandoned but for a single office.
  • Retrieved folder and memo from office, scampered home.

Important Evidence[]

  • One folder has several identical sheets of paper with a closely printed information about living rickettsiae and an attenuated strain of R. prowazekii; there is assorted other viral gobbledygook but all continually returns to the central theme. The next page has a productivity chart for vaccine manufacture with TYPHUS printed in block letters across the top.
  • Other folder contains more information about typhus. There is a stapled American CDC report on typhus fever as a Category B biological weapons agent. There is another report in printed Japanese characters that is tucked just behind the CDC report. There is a handwritten memo scrawled across the top of the Japanese report, which says: 'Severe manufacture delay due to Project Portal, check into N. Korea option. -- Jonassen.'



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