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Lena Andreev
Gender F
Age 16
Birth 1993
Mutation Tentacles
Height 5'8"
Hair Dirty blond
Eyes Blue-grey
Skin Fair
Markings Iridescent tentacles emerging from either shoulder

Lena Andreev was abducted by an international smuggling ring. She was then sold to a mutant brothel in Shanghai, which was subsequently shut down by X-Factor.

Known History[]

  • Abducted by the smuggling ring from Minsk, Belarus on May 5, 2009.
  • Served in a mutant brothel in Shanghai for eight months.
  • Rescued by X-Factor in December 2009.

Mentions & Sightings[]


  • In the course of investigation, X-Factor agents discovered child pornography featuring Lena and Carol Prescott on a laptop in a brothel located in San Francisco's Chinatown. The language in the background of the video at the beginning is Shanghainese, a dialect of Wu.